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BC Shipyards - A Proud History, An Uncertain Future

BC's shipyard industry has a proud history - and an uncertain future.

BC's shipyard industry — with thousands of direct and indirect jobs and millions of dollars in investment — are all at risk due to the provincial government encouraging foreign shipyards to bid for BC Ferries' construction of new ships and refits of existing vessels.

Never before has a provincial government used taxpayer dollars to stimulate jobs and investment in shipyards in countries like China, Korea, the United States and Spain.

Public opinion polling shows that the BC Liberals' position is unpopular, with 90% saying it is either very important [58%] or important [32%] for the provincial government to buy local BC goods and services, while 65% said the government should only purchase locally.

But the Liberals continue to encourage foreign shipyards to bid on BC Ferries' work, putting the shipyard industry at risk of collapse.

The only way to convince the provincial government to stop this disastrous policy is through public pressure.

This website allows you to let your MLA know you strongly oppose giving away BC jobs and investment to foreign countries by sending them an email message.

And the website has more information about this important issue, background on the shipyard industry and the proud history of shipbuilding in British Columbia.

From the historic RCMP schooner the St. Roch, the first ship to circumnavigate North America in both directions, to the Liberty ships of the Second World War to today's modern Spirit class ferries, BC shipyards have proven our province and its workers can build among the finest ships in the world.

Please take a moment to send an email to your MLA today by clicking on the symbol on this page and also take a look at how much is at stake with the threat to our BC shipyard industry.


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